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PT Dantool Karya Teknik is the official dealer of Makita, Maktec, Lakoni products and also other superior products sales, such as spray paint (Dantex), hand tool, stepler gun, etc.

The great effort and teamwork of the company have succeeded to bring the company to achieve the Award for Outstanding Sales Effort from the Makita Corporation.

PT Dantool Karya Teknik serves the service tools and spare part of any engineering tools from the Makita and Maktec by Makita products. 

We also provide any products of Lakoni, including Inverter machine, compressor, jet cleaner, and portable genset in various capacities based on consumer needs. We guarantee the originality of our products with the applicable regulations warranty.

PT Dantool Karya Teknik will always provide the best price for any consumer either for the retail, reseller, sub-dealer, or store. 

Special for the Makita, Maktec, and Lakoni products, PT Dantool Karya Teknik offers the tour and display packages for the sub-dealer, store, or reseller in accordance with applicable regulations.
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