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Think Build, Think Us.
HYAMN Group is an Indonesian-based holding company that engaged in the manufacturing and trading business of building and household material needs. Established in 1995, the company is built by William Ngasidjo Achmad as the building material trading business. With the enormous potential to keep growing, HYAMN Group was developed into the leading company of 6 subsidiaries that operated in building material industry, engineering equipment and household, both in the manufacturing and trading business.

Our vision is to be the largest building and household material company in Indonesia, both in the manufacturing and trading business. We believe, our synergy and strategy will take HYAMN to keep growing and developing, even to contribute significantly to the development of Indonesia.
Think Build, Think US, HYAMN.

What we do
Our vision is to be the largest building and household material company in Indonesia, both in the manufacturing and trading business.
HYAMN Group always provide the consistent quality of local-made products and professional service. We have a network of manufacturing and building materials distribution system throughout Indonesia, provide added value for all stakeholders. We always try to meet all customer needs with our various products, including light steel, aluminium extrusion, PVC pipe, sanitary wates, household material, and more.
Since the very beginning, HYAMN Group always focus on the quality of products and the fast and precise service as the two key business values. Our belief the values is supported by experienced and professional human resources that succeed to bring the company to achieve the significant development. The achievement is certainly a proof of the company performance that result to the customer satisfaction to the quality of products and services we provide.
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Our History
William Ngasidjo Achmad start the building material business in 1995 from traditional store become PD Hyamn Karya Utama.
Our History
PT Hakaru Metalindo Perkasa being the first company in 2007 which was transformation from PD Hyamn Karya Utama
Our History
PT Dantool Teknik Utama, the engineering tools trading company and PT HK Metal Utama, as a trading coil company were established in 2010
Our History
PT Karya Bumimas Persada (Sanitary Wares) and PT Metalutama Perkasa Jaya (Stainless Steel) were added as our manufacturing company in 2012
Our History
PT Rasa Langgeng Wira, the PVC pipe manufacturing company was built in 2013
Our History
The company group keep growing and developing with total 4 manufacturing company and 3 trading company, united as the HYAMN Group as the holding company in 2017.
PT Handal Aluminium Sukses first export of aluminium extrusion (MF) to Netherland and PT HK Metals Utama listed at Indonesia Stock Exchange as PT HK Metals Utama Tbk (HKMU)
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